The Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensemble

2024/2025 Season Auditions


Missed Auditions? 

Contact our Artistic Director, Tasha Lawson, by emailing for more information on video auditions and scheduling an information meeting.

Founded by Tasha Lawson in 2012, Tri-Tone Rhythm  Ensemble is a home for Calgary tap dancers to explore the art of tap.

We are non-competitive and work with a collaborative, process oriented, creative mindset.  We nurture individual expression and artistry, while inspiring work ethic and focus.  We value quality education and respect for the art form and it’s history. 

We aim to provide the tools needed for artists to move into a professional career.

The ensemble dancers collaborate in the creation of new works, the study and preservation of  tap history and historical repertoire.  We work with live musicians, develop improvisational skills, and share in both community performances and full-length concert presentations.

We aim to build community.  Dancers are exposed to guest artists, tap masters, body percussionists, movement artists, musicians and choreographers from around the world.  Additional travel opportunities are available to further enhance technical and performance experience, as well as to foster creative relationships with other youth ensembles and tap dancers in Canada and abroad.

The Tri-Tone Company has performed at the New York City Tap Festival, Third Coast Rhythm Project, Chicago Human Rhythm Project, Alberta Culture Days, Mayor’s Luncheon, Heritage Park, Vancouver International Tap Festival, Calgary School Board, Toronto Rhythm Initiative, International Jazz Day and at Calgary’s Rhythm Body and Soul Tap Festival.

Additional self-directed mentorships are available to students in specific areas of interest, including the Tri-Tone Teacher Training program.

Students and Alumni have successfully moved into developing professional careers and acceptance into professional development programs, such the School of Jacob’s  Pillow Professional Advancement Tap Program and Escola Luthier Dansa.                              

Reach out to artistic director Tasha Lawson to find out more about the unique Calgary Tap dance community.


Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensemble Training:

  • Tap technique
  • Body percussion
  • Enrichment classes; vernacular dance & somatic movement
  • Improvisation skills
  • Tap history
  • Music training and theory
  • Working with live musicians
  • Historical repertoire
  • New creations
  • Composition
  • Guest artists & choreographers
  • Performance training
  • Community outreach
  • Travel abroad & collaboration with other ensembles
  • Focussed and supportive atmosphere
  • Sprung wood floor
  • Developing skills, awareness, confidence, and leaders of tomorrow!

“Despite the many changes that have occurred over past nine years of my life, the Tri-Tone community has continued to remain a constant and integral influence in my life. Tri-Tone has provided a space for education as well as safe exploration and expression within the art of tap dance. Working with this group has completely changed my view in how to approach challenges both within the dance studio, and in life outside dance. Tri-Tone has also introduced me to a larger community of likeminded tap dancers who also believe in an equal opportunity for everyone to express and to be heard”.


– Luke Stanich, Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensemble Alumni & Lawson Percussive Dance Arts Company Member

“I had the privilege of dancing under the direction of Tasha Lawson for four years. As a professional dancer, creator and performer, I am still realizing the immense impact her guidance has had on me. Tasha gave us opportunities and permission to open ourselves up creatively as growing individuals and allow for honest and real exchanges to happen. She has a remarkable ability to see the potential in every being and situation, gently guiding and pushing us to expand our creative boundaries in a safe and inviting space. Her lessons encouraged a supportive environment where I could develop myself as an individual dancer and also learn to negotiate sharing space with others. Allowing for ideas to be openly shared, I learned the value of listening to my own instincts while always being available to listen to others”.


– Penny Wendtlandt- STOMP CAST MEMBER- NYC

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