The Tri-Tone Youth Rhythm Ensemble

Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensemble provides an opportunity for Tap Dancers and rhythm artists to experience a collaborative company atmosphere in a non-competitive, process oriented, creative setting. The vision for the ensemble is to educate and pass along historical repertoire, as well as collaborate in the creation of new works, culminating in performance presentation.

The ensemble has the opportunity to work with tap masters, body percussionists, movement artists and choreographers from around the world. In addition, the ensemble participates in the technical and stage production aspects of producing concert work and has the opportunity to learn how to work with live musicians.

Additional touring opportunities and self-directed mentorships are available to students in specific areas of interest upon request. The ensemble has the opportunity to travel to Youth Conferences to further enhance their technical and performance experience as well as to foster and nurture creative relationships with other youth ensembles and outreach programs in Canada and abroad.

Accepting new members by private audition only.

Tri-Tone Youth Ensemble Training…

* Technique classes
* Improvisation Skills
* Sequencing Combinations
* Music Training and Theory
* Working with Live Musicians
* Tap History
* Historical Tap Repertoire
* New Creation Repertoire

* Body Percussion
* Guest Artists and Choreographers
* Performance Training
* Community Performances
* Collaboration with Ensembles
* Developing Skills and Confidence
* Supportive Atmosphere

“I had the privilege of dancing under the direction of Tasha Lawson for four years. As a professional dancer, creator and performer, I am still realizing the immense impact her guidance has had on me. Tasha gave us opportunities and permission to open ourselves up creatively as growing individuals and allow for honest and real exchanges to happen. She has a remarkable ability to see the potential in every being and situation, gently guiding and pushing us to expand our creative boundaries in a safe and inviting space. Her lessons encouraged a supportive environment where I could develop myself as an individual dancer and also learn to negotiate sharing space with others. Allowing for ideas to be openly shared, I learned the value of listening to my own instincts while always being available to listen to others”.


– Penny Wendtlandt- STOMP CAST MEMBER- NYC

The Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensembles are supported in part by: