The Tri-Tone Body Rhythms Quintet

Tri-Tone boasts a number of talented contributing artists that compose our touring company. The Tri-Tone Body Rhythms Quintet first debuted in June 2009 showcasing Tasha Lawson’s unique vision of converting the tap vocabulary and rudiments into body percussion vocabulary and rudiments. The technique seeks to translate the tap language and its historic works into that of body percussion. (©2009 Tasha Lawson / Tri-Tone Productions)

“…One thing from the participant’s showcase that I will never forget was Tasha Lawson’s quartet Playing with Chance, a very special take on the famous Cole’s & Atkins softshoe-that if you ever get a chance to see–don’t miss it!! (it felt like Honi was in the room, if you ask me & I’m pretty sure that he approved). “


– Sam Katz, International Tap Association