Outreach Program

A key part of Tri-Tone Productions’ mission is spreading the knowledge and joy of dance to youth through a variety of outreach programs. This includes workshops, master classes and performances for young people from all walks of life. Read what one of our students had to say after participating in one of Tasha Lawson’s summer camps…

“Tasha is constantly travelling somewhere new in order to teach and learn new styles and rhythms of tap. I admire how she likes to help children learn and enjoys the happiness that she creates by teaching these kids. She is so helpful, kind, respectful, and friendly. She always uses a positive way of speaking and especially when she teaches dance moves. She has been a good influence on me in how she teaches me tap so that I can shade my moves nicely and in the rhythms that I feel. She has really taught me to trust my instincts in how I feel I should move with the music. Tasha is my tap dance soul mate.”
~ Kelsey Elliot, Age 11

“Bubbles” Modern 1 Class- ages 6-7 Years
Choreographed by Tasha Lawson
Music by Barbatuques

“Commute” at the 2009 National Tap Dance Day Celebration
Supported in part by Third Coast Rhythm Project
Choreographed by Tasha Lawson / Music by Barbatuques